Dialogue: A Way to Live


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This book invites readers to explore means to make dialogue a way to live in every aspect of one’s life. We draw on neuroscience, psychology, and theology to amplify a broad meaning of the concept of dialogue. In a world strongly influenced by conflict, blame, and simplistic communication, the book advocates a more thoughtful and coherent means to make all aspects of life better. It is the assumption of the author that serious dialogue is transformational. It is also the assumption of the author that this resource is used less than optimally. Following the author’s attempt to make the strongest possible case for practicing transformational dialogue support for the continuity of this practice is invited. The author’s very broad experience in the practice of transformational dialogue is reflected in the many personal stories and examples included in this book. Readers are likely to find many surprises as they turn the pages and find facets of dialogue not anticipated.


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